First Time

He leads her into his room and shuts the door quietly. Itís just him and her. She is very nervous and tense-itís her first time. He sees her nervousness and tells her not to worry. Heís done it plenty of times and knows what heís doing. His voice sooths her and she lies down and gets comfortable. He puts on rubber and gets his things ready. He tells her that relaxing will make his job easier. She opens and lets him go in and he does. He goes in and out with his work. He is very gentle and knows all the right spots. She feels pain but he tells her it will pass. Some fluid trickles out of her and she gets embarrassed, but he doesnít even notice. He prots around and her muscles tighten. The pain is incredible. He makes a final jerking motion and the pain goes away. He pulls it out and tells her he is done. It has only been 10 minutes yet it seems like longer. She gets up and feels much better and more relaxed. He tells her to come back in a week and gives her a treat. She just had her first tooth pulled.