Me and Joei with big boobs and 3d glasses

Jordan, Megan and I

The Gang at my sweet 16 bday party (Nov 2003)

The gang at my pool party (Aug 2003) Me and Megan at Laurens. (winter 2004) Nathan at Laurens (winter 2004) LOVE COUCH!!

Mr. Hill, Jon and I by the Band Room. (winter 2003) Jon and I on Xmas Eve 2003 The lunch gang of 2003 at the last lunch of the year Joei and I with band aids on our heads. (Sept 2003) Tara and I trying to scare people at one of our lame dances (march 2004) Tara and I from a long time ago when we weren't vixens and were very not smart. (Oct 2002)

Me, Tara, and Amanda in front of David Bowie's house.
(Summer 2002)


Jon and I at lunch (winter 2003)


Joei cracking up at the computer.
(July 2004)