My Sept 11 poem


Sept 11 Poem

Another dark story in the history of man
Iíll write it down as best as I can
Two hi-jacked planes were stolen and flown
The people inside, couldnít have known
Into the towers the planes did fly
Everyone below could only cry
As smoke and ash filled the air
All people could do was watch and stare
The victims inside tried to get out
At home their families would pray and pout
To the ground they fell with a thunderous crash
Then the whole city was covered in ash
Two beautiful towers were sadly lost
The people inside paid the highest cost
There were many lives that were also lost
The debris coated the ground like frost
On the same day later on
More destruction and deaths happened at the Pentagon
We had never seen that it was coming
The National Anthem, people were humming
God bless the victims who died
The country prayed for you and also cried.