The Mysterious Man

It was a dark and stormy night. Jon and Joey were running through the woods in the middle of a storm. Their tent had flooded and all their stuff drenched. They ran for what seemed like forever to try to find a dry place to sleep. They weaved in and out of trees until they came up to an odd looking tree. They paused for a moment to stare, until they realized it wasn’t a tree.

The figure was tall and thin, like a skeleton. Its black hair draped down from its skull and in its face like long, dead fingers grabbing his head. It contrasted with his pale white skin. He was wearing a black drench coat that was so soaked it looked like it was painted onto its life-less body. It stood motionless, glaring at them with squinting brown eyes. He stepped into the moonlight and lifted his head slightly to get a better look at the two boys.

“Caught in the storm?” he smirked at them with his deep bellowing voice.

Unable to find his voice, Joey looked to Jon to answer. “Y-yes sir,” Jon said.

“Come into my house. It’s dry,” the dark figure beckoned. The boys looked behind him and there was a long cabin. But this was no ordinary cabin. The logs were coal black, but were not burned. The chimney was old and vine-filled as if it wasn’t used in ages. Trees covered the front yard as if barricading the entrance.

The boys stared at the house with wide eyes. A chill went down their backs. They turned around to start running but the man, standing behind them, stopped them in their tracks. “Going somewhere?”

The boys tried to find words but only managed to spit out drivel. “You’re soaked and have nowhere to go. Spend the night with me. I insist,” the man said forcefully. Putting his hands on either one of their shoulders, he led them closer to the house. The boys tried to get away but the man was unusually strong for his skinny complexion.

They entered the dark house with fear. The man introduced himself as David and brought them to a bedroom and told them to get some sleep. He closed the door slowly. The last thing they could see was his eye still staring at him until the last sliver of light from the hall disappeared. The room was pitch-black and they couldn’t see a thing. They might as well have closed their eyes because it was no different from when they were open. They were both exhausted and wanted sleep so badly, but were afraid to do so. Their eyes were getting heavier and their conversations were filled with yawns. They decided to take turns sleeping so one person would always be awake and on the look out.

In the morning, Jon woke up and found that Joey was fast asleep. He woke them up and they timidly walked out of the bedroom. It was still raining. The boys looked around the house for the mysterious man but he was nowhere to be found. There wasn’t any trace of anyone even living there. They walked out of the house and there was a cop parked out in front of it. The boys described their night and the man to the cop.

“David? Why there was a guy like that who lived there 30 years ago. He died a few years back. There’s not way you could have seen him,” the cop explained. Then drove the boys home.